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Learning how to develop software is broken

Tens of thousands of videos, tutorials, blog posts, articles, etc. are readily available, yet how do you know what is worth your time?

Webstone Education changes how we educate full-stack web developers. You work on your own project, from start to end. It's a true full-stack web development experience where you learn how all the pieces fit together.

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A curriculum that changes with you

We're always adding more modules, which means that an investment in Webstone is an investment in continuous learning.

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Build a web application end-to-end

Instead of a Tetris game, a weather widget and a blog, you focus on individual lessons that are part of one real-world application. No more guessing how the frontend may interact with the backend and the backend may persist data in a database - it's all covered.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a refund on this if it's not for me?

Absolutely! If you cancel within the first 14 days, we will fully refund your purchase.

For how long will I benefit from the one-time pre-order price?

Forever. Buy today and get updates for life.

How is this different from Udemy, freeCodeCamp, Educative, etc.?

Webstone Education continuously sends you pull requests as frameworks evolve, best practices change and new modules are added to a course.

What level of experience is required?

This depends on the course. Generally, basic understanding of programming is expected. What's a function? What's an array?

I'm a business owner, can I create private courses?

Yes. We don't have a self-serve UI yet, but please contact us via Twitter (@webstonehq) and we can help you set up a private course. This may be used for structured onboarding, training, demos, etc.

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Your educator

Meet Mike

Mike has been a full-stack web developer for 20+ years. He is also the author and creator of the following books & courses:

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